Food of the South !

Peruvian Perks

Ecuadorian Delights

These are chicken feet. We actually really like them. You can get them all over the streets for 50 cents.

Street Meat!

Some Cow Legs, cooking in the Amazonian heat!

Cow Head, melting away.

Colombian Grub…


7 thoughts on “Food of the South !

  1. Mary Spring

    You always seem to find interesting food along your routes. Is that a McDonalds hamburger that Matt is eating? Is that green bay leaf soup? Yummy looking fruits and veggies.

  2. Jenny, looks awesome. Lots of love!

  3. Mary Spring

    The cow’s head has turned me off beef for a while.
    Your mom

  4. Terri

    And Jenny was the little girl who often didn’t like food that was being served. My how we change….
    It goes from totally gross looking to not bad to yum delicious. Enjoy.

  5. Jenny, I hope you are collection recipes! Not the cows head one…

  6. Judi

    Hi Jenny! I just checked out your food pics. Did you have a chance to try guinea pigs in Peru?

  7. Ruth King

    I can’t wait to cook a South American meal with you. Always will remember our day cooking Indian ;-)….. XO

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